Sapporo Long Kow Vermicelli (Sotanghon)

Our flagship and most popular product. We blend the ingredients perfectly to give you the familiar taste and mush-free texture of Long Kow Vermicelli enjoyed by many generations. Available in 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g packages.

Sapporo Longi Vermicelli (Sotanghon)

We only use carefully selected premium ingredients for our Longi Vermicelli. Once cooked it retains more flavors and satisfies your family and friends to the last strand. Available in 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g packages.

Sapporo Long Kow Rice Noodles
(Traditional Bihon)

Make the best Filipino-inspired dishes with Long Kow Rice Noodle. It satisfies solo, family and grand celebrations. Available in 500 g, and 1 kg packages.

SQ Sapporo
(Typical Bihon)

Premium rice noodles with sealed-in deliciousness in every pack. Best for hearty treats and merienda. Available in 500 g packages.

Sapporo Pancit Canton

Made from premium wheat flour and fresh eggs. Lightly salted and best with savory and saucy dishes. Available in 200 g and 500 g packages.

Sapporo Misua

Made from first class wheat flour. A nutritiously simple light carb-alternative that’s great in soups. Available in 100 g and 250 g packages.

Sapporo Spaghetti

Your pasta-rific partner! Made from enriched wheat flour, Sapporo Spaghetti is ideal for dinner dates and kids parties. Available in 1 kg packages.