Commitment to Serve the Best

Sapporo Products Inc., is the premiere manufacturer and distributor of quality vermicelli, pancit canton, sotanghon, spaghetti and rice noodles in the Philippines.

Company Profile

We believe that great noodles bring everyone together at the table and foster the spirit of human connection, happiness and peace through amazing servings.

Since 1990, we have mastered the art of making quality noodles. Our business innovations, from production and packaging to selling and promotions have produced over seven different affordable brands beloved by Filipinos everywhere.

Our History

During the company’s inception we quickly focused on improving the overall cooking experience of our customers developing the first convenient-sized packaging for our brands, notably Sapporo Long Kow Vermicelli in 1991.

The popularity of the product led us to produce Sapporo Longi Vermicelli, a regional favorite. It was first introduced in 1994.

Sapporo Long Kow Rice Noodle or Pancit Bihon immediately came after to cater to the Filipino’s love of large gatherings during fiestas and special occasions.

Sapporo Pancit Canton was launched in 2007 driven in part by our desire to give our loyal fans exceptional cuisine selections in their functions and galas.

SQ Sapporo Bihon, Sapporo Misua, and Sapporo Spaghetti soon followed carrying the tradition of quality, healthy noodles used in every kitchen.