Kids enjoyed a Noodlelicious Christmas, in partnership with CHPFI’s KAON Project

On Dec. 14 we held a feeding program at Malaban, Biñan, Laguna.

Malaban, Biñan, Laguna, December 14, 2019 – Sapporo Product Inc.’s Noodlelicious Christmas project aims to address the problem of chronic child hunger that results in children losing interest in pursuing education. In partnership with Children’s Hours’ Kaon Project a one-day feeding program was held in the fisher folk community of Malaban, Biñan, Laguna.

Sapporo Products Inc., is the premiere manufacturer of quality vermicelli and other energy-giving noodles in the Philippines. Sapporo takes pride in creating high-quality products using only the best ingredients. This project is in partnership with Children’s Hour’s mission of supporting projects on health, nutrition and education for Filipino children in need.

Over 40 employees from Sapporo Products Inc. and Widescope Advertising Agency volunteered their day for various activities that involved the 100 indigent children and their parents like food preparation, hand washing activity and the feeding hour.

The event promoted the importance of good health and education through a brief talk to highlight choosing and eating healthy food. The volunteers helped serve the meals which were prepared with balanced portions of protein, carbs and vegetables.

Children’s Hour also gave away hand washing kits while Sapporo gave gift bags to parents so they can start cooking healthy meals.