5 Recipes for the New Year

Time for a delicious change!

When it comes to the New Year we Filipinos really know how to celebrate. Bring in the luck with these five delicious and auspicious recipes for Media Noche. They’re even good enough to make for the months to come! 

1. Misua Soup with Beef and Liver – It’s probably the most popular food superstition this time of year but we’re here for it. Eat noodles for long life with our recipe. Here’s a bonus trivia: Liver is one of the most nutrient rich proteins with a high source of B vitamins.

2. Lettuce Wrap with Crispy Noodles, Shrimps and Peanut Sauce – Get healthy with green foods! Green, the color of paper money also symbolizes luck think lettuce, peas, collard greens and other green veggies. Here’s a bonus: the brighter your ingredients, the healthier it is. Serve this delicious wrap on New Year’s Eve for a healthy change.

3. Pork Tonkatsu Bento Box – Pork was once reserved for the wealthy, as such, it symbolizes opulence and riches. Serve up some Pork Tonkatsu to bring in those prosperous vibes for the start of the year.

4. Fruity Vermicelli in Ice Cream – Round fruits resemble silver and gold coins of the past. Today we serve them on Media Noche to represent prosperity through their auspicious shapes. Our Fruity Vermicelli in Ice Cream is not just lucky it’s a delicious dessert!

5. Fish Vermicelli with Fresh Basil and Pineapple Sauce – Serve fish for the new year! Fish swim in only one direction so they are associated with moving forward. Have a fresh start in the coming year with this healthy dish.